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JFD Prime – the Trader-Centric Brokerage

JFD is authorised and regulated as a Matched Principal (Execution Only). We operate a Trader-Centric Brokerage without any compromise, giving all traders a strictly unrestricted access (100% STP/DMA Agency model) to 20+ Liquidity Providers and 80+ Primary and Secondary Derivatives and Commodities Exchanges, thus setting a new industry benchmark. Some say, “no one becomes perfect, but some become great”. I can say with confidence that our commitment to Transparency, Quality of Service and Reputation is second to none, and Andrew Anderson, myself as well as everyone at JFD aim at stressing integrity and honesty; something which many in the Industry may not be able to claim or deliver.

Lars Gottwik

Partner & CEO

Andrew Anderson


Vladislav Zhelev

Vladislav ZHELEV
Head of Global Sales
& Partnerships

Daniela-Dimitrova bw

Head of Partnerships


The JFD Success Story

Throughout 2012, live account openings (i.e. +389%) and client deposits (i.e. +222%) grew steadily. As the industry is increasingly adopting and praising our solutions, in Q1 2013 our trading volumes sky-rocketed - not only breaking a new record of quarterly growth (i.e. +258%), but even exceeding H2/12 volumes by 28%!

Most notably, JFD Brokers secured a respectable and enviable presence in Europe, particularly in the B2C market across DACH German speaking territories where we attracted a sophisticated client base (approx. 80% of our active live accounts are from Germany) and won Brokerwahl’s coveted “Best Forex Broker 2013” – as voted for by traders. Our award being the only non-Bank laureate, while addressing a footprint already spanning 60+ countries in over 5 continents.

JFD continued to establish a strong international presence and low-cost operations throughout Europe (Germany, Bulgaria) and the Middle East (Egypt). JFD Brokers deployed an ultra-competitive proprietary IT infrastructure connecting JFD’s FOREX/CFDs Providers’ API into a single proprietary environment (Prime Brokerage model), significantly increasing its operating margins and reducing its clients’ overall trading costs. As a result, JFD grew trading volumes, account openings and deposits at double digit monthly rates, achieving a record 400% global growth rate throughout Q3 and Q4 2012, positioning ourselves miles away from the current turmoil.

A Sophisticated Client Base

Our company attracts a majority of sophisticated investors (i.e. 50% of live account sizes fit between USD 20K and 500K) trading multiple asset classes (i.e. 50% of our revenues are CFDs based, 50% are Forex based, with the following breakdown: FX: 50% EUR/USD, 50% Majors, CFDs: 75% Indices, 15% Equities, 10% Commodities & Bonds), at a low acquisition cost (i.e. we do not invest in cash/credit bonus promotions and multi-million dollars marketing campaigns).

World-Class Technology

Rather than investing in sophisticated marketing plans, supporting F1, Football teams, etc. as well as having fancy offices in the City, JFD remains at low operational margins with emphasis on investments in cutting-edge technology. In order to support such a comprehensive offering, we deployed a world-class IT Infrastructure based on high capacity Aggregation, Smart Order Routing, Bridging (supporting up to 10,000 trades/seconds), Server and Hosting (Equinix LD4 and NY4) technology. Our infrastructure setup is exclusive and second to none in the market.

100% MIFID Compliant Post-Trade Transparency

As a direct result of our strict Agency Only Execution Model, JFD is the only MT4 Broker willing to provide upon Clients’ requests all relevant Post-Trade Execution Reports presenting Execution Times and naming which Liquidity Providers filled particular orders.

To our knowledge, no other Broker runs a true 100% Agency Only model; hence, none are currently able to provide MiFID Compliant Post-Trade Transparency.

100% Trading Anonymity

JFD’s Liquidity Providers never see stops, limits and entry orders. Thus, our clients are protected from stop hunting that is often applied by market making MT4 brokers of all sizes.

In addition to Trading Anonymity and Core Spreads from 0 pip for ALL clients with 0.1 pip average on EUR/USD, Low Trading Costs become a JFD Prime absolute guarantee to optimise our clients’ Take/Profits & Stop/Losses limit orders.


JFD Brokers Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the CySEC (licence no.: 150/11) to conduct execution only and portfolio management activities. JFD Brokers Ltd. is a Member of the Investor Compensation Fund (I.C.F.). JFD Brokers Ltd is registered with the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) (registration number 126399), the FCA (registration number 580193) and the French Autorite de Controle Prudentiel Banque de France - ACP (Registration number 74013). JFD Brokers Ltd. is MiFID compliant under the Investment Services and Regulated Market Law of 2007 (Law No. 144(I)/2007) and can offer authorized and regulated cross-border services to all EU States.


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